Learn More About Psychology Of The Woman

Lets advance the basic lines of psychology of women.

Psychology of the woman is features of thinking, line of behavior that characterize women. From this item also we will consider psychology of women in this article. Let’s see, how the history has affected them. Let’s consider the Scandinavian tribes.

In these tribes women had an important role – a continuation of the family. The girl became the woman, when was ready to giving birth to the child. That is the woman felt more self-sufficient and assured, than the man, it was necessary for them to approve the position in a tribe.

The woman, unlike the man, did not create systems (laws, hierarchy, a family). She attended to that equipped family system, did its cozy and comfortable. That is men created systems, and women equipped them. This distinction of the woman and the man perfectly supplemented one another.

Distinctions of the woman and man. In the modern world women began to equip other systems: to improve laws, to introduce ideas, plans for development. Such ability has as a result made women more creative.

At the man and the woman have various styles of thinking: men think on a substantial scale, women think in smaller scales (they pay a great attention on filling, trifles, which man do not see).

Self-sufficiency of women and safety, which is ensured to her by the man, allowed developing to creative potential of women. The woman was always ready to leave and keep for the sake of rescue of children last system in search of the best, then as the man protected the system. It has made the woman more flexible.

Initially the woman thinks for two persons – for herself and the future child. Unlike men, the woman is concentrated “on herself”, what she feels and what occurs to her. The world is concluded in her, a bit later – in a family, in that system, which is created by the man for the woman.

Women expect from the world that it was safe and complete of abundance, has everything that is necessary for a life, pleasure, creativity, and happiness. One man forms safety for her, it is very important to woman to be and feel unique. It is one of features of psychology of the woman.

Whereas the man, taking of a certain item in social hierarchy, receives respect and the status among other men, here is no hierarchy among women. There are versions that the competitiveness has arisen among women because it was necessary for them to search for the best conditions for a continuation of the family.

It is possible to add also that the creative approach and flexible thinking of the woman is now reasonable by that both hemispheres of a brain work for her in the course of the decision of any situations, whereas at the man is involved only one hemisphere.

Speed of women at the decision of situations is quite explainable also with their flexible approach. While men count possibilities to construct something, create, women, without considering, operate, winning against men in resoluteness and speed of decision-making.

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