How To Stop A Divorce

It is never too late to stop a divorce. People going through ending their marriages often have a change of heart at the last minute. When that happens it is very important to put on the breaks and spend some time deciding if your marriage has a bit more life left in it. Regardless of how challenging it may be to work through your marriage and salvage it you will always wonder what would have happened if you do not at least try.

The fact of the matter is that divorce has probably become a little bit too easy. There are lawyers everywhere more than happy to help you close that chapter of your life, for a small fee. It is much more difficult and emotionally costly to go through all of the pain and frustration that lead you to this point and get past it in order to stay married.

But here is the important thing, most marriages not only can be saved but should be saved. Giving up should not be such an easy option, if you really love someone you should go down swinging.

The first thing you should do if you want to stop a divorce is call off the dogs. Tell your divorce lawyer, in clear terms that you want to put everything on hold. Do not let him talk you out of it. Remember that he makes money from your divorce, but you are the one who reaps the benefit of staying together.

The same goes for all of the friends and family who have supported you through this struggle. It is easy for them to side with you and despise your spouse. But, they need to step back and allow you to work through your own feelings. You should reassure them that you will not hold any hard feeling about what was said about your spouse now that the two of you are working things out. Unless you are leaving an abusive marriage, then try to heed the warnings of those people who really love you.

Finally, take time by yourself to understand why you want to stop your divorce. Are you just fearful of facing single life again? Are you worried about your finances and your children? Are you still in love with your spouse? Once you have determined that you are ready to give your marriage another go for the right reasons start slowly. Rebuild trust and intimacy in time, remember that your marriage did not fail over night so you will not be able to rebuild it over night either.

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